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The New Look: Files for Download

Easily Print What You Need – When you need it! The Digital File as a Product

Heiden Music Publications is evolving! In addition to music printed on paper, the new look offers an electronic product delivered as a zipped pdf file attached to an Email, so that a customer can print (and reprint!) as needed. A new focus – string-friendly theory – permeates the change: not only the music in notation, but supplementary analysis that teaches the relevant theory. Our initial offering, for example, presents performance materials for an attractive late-baroque orchestra concerto by G.M. Alberti – featuring first and second violin sections (no soloists). But also included is material that teaches the analysis of its ritornello form –knowledge fundamental to understanding any baroque or classical concerto.

Play from Eighteenth-Century Manuscript Parts!
Concerto ...A' Quattro: G.M. Alberti

IMSLP (The Petrucci Music Library) on line offers (free, public domain) a set of manuscript parts – all that remains of this work – generously contributed by the Sächsische Landesbibliothek, Dresden.

Heiden Music Publications downloads these, adding corrections and supplements, to create performance materials for the Concerto a Quattro … con Violini Obligati by Guiseppe Matteo Alberti (1685 – 1751), in D-Major, Talbot 28. Performance is by string orchestra or by the featured Violin 1 and 2 sections with piano (viola optional).

For movements 1 & 3, the featured “obligato” violin parts require 3rd position (w/ extension to high E).

Technical demands are modest. Intended as a student concerto?


Violino Primo Obligato
Click image to enlarge



Violino Secondo Obligato
Click image to enlarge

Alto Viola
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The manuscript viola part is furnished with “corrections.” Violas are tacet in the middle movement.


The original manuscript basso is presented with its egregious errors noted, but cello and bass players are directed to perform from the realized basso continuo part.

Photo, mistakes, basso + basso continuo realized
Click image to enlarge

The a3 Grave, second movement (violas tacet), is presented in score so that performers can more easily grasp the Corelli-like counterpoint. For this movement complete, see the article “The Long and Short of It” Click Here to view.

Instruction about ritornello form also is included in the materials.

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Questions regarding new approaches to violin / viola pedagogy? Contact us!

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