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Approaches to Violin / Viola Pedagogy

Catalog ΙΙ of Heiden Music Publications


Catalog ΙΙ

A chart, String-Friendly Theory, for posting in the classroom, teaching studio, or practice room (landscape, 8.5x17). With innovative visual imagery, the chart addresses:

--- overtone theory basis [P5, P4, P8] plus application to playing harmonics.

--- circle of 5ths [the stack of 12 P5ths “bent” into a circle).

--- Clef reading via the grand staff [F, C, & G clefs at the P5 distance].

--- Major/minor relative key situation.

--- Curved space? BC and EF are semitones!

--- Interval sizes and names.

--- The major-scale measuring tool for intervals.

---Tetrachord building blocks for major and minor scales.

---3 forms of minor.

---Fingerboard geography map: what on the next string higher, or lower.

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Or, for quantity, order a two-year subscription to obtain a pdf file for $144 – print as many copies as you like.


Price: $144 Two-year subscription including chart PDF      





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