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Approaches to Violin / Viola Pedagogy

Catalog of Heiden Music Publications
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String Orchestra – Toolbox for Rhythm and Counting –  Violin Etudes and Studies in Ensemble, -- Viola Etudes and Studies in Ensemble, -- Violin and Piano – Viola and Piano – Baroque Performance Editions


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String Orchestra

Suite for String Orchestra, Charles Heiden (grade 5)

I. Stately Processional (4’28”)      II. Dirge and Dance (5’10”)     III. Giocoso: A Semitone or Two (2’6”)

Movement I focuses on the shaping of phrases, using a flowing bowing style. Its central portion gives opportunity for instruction in tetrachord patterns [major, minor, Phrygian].

Movement II provides the violins and violas with  2nd position material, and for the entire orchestra, arpeggios of the diminished seventh chord. The center “dance” portion in E-flat uses the Viotti bow stroke.

Movement III deals with the fingerboard geography of intervals – particularly fingerboard distance equivalents like minor 2 = minor 6, and major 2 = major 6. Bowing directions specify “at the tip,” “near the frog,” and how to make the transit from one to the other. Instructional “lessons” are scored for orchestral drill.

Movements can be programmed as “stand alone” items.

    Score, parts 88553……………………………...……$39.00      


Two Lyrical Pieces, Charles Heiden (grade 5)

I. Kylie’s Waltz: A Cantilena (2’29”)                                             II. Sentimental Moment (2’40”)
with optional elementary violin part in 1st position

May be performed separately or together. Extensive editing, suggestions for rehearsal, “lessons” scored for orchestral drill. The focus is on how to sing on the instrument with emotional expression.

     Score, parts 88553……………………………………$35.00        


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