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Jean Heiden: Biography

Pianist and organist, Jean Heiden brings to the TEACHING STUDIO a diverse experience in practical pedagogy joined to a depth of musical understanding acquired during a life of study and performance.  

With three sisters who also pursued music into adult life, Jean grew up in the household of a father who might have been the model for ・The Music Man・: private teacher of violin, trumpet, and other instruments, municipal bandmaster, school orchestra director, choir director for church and school. As a teenager, Jean was studio accompanist, frequently her father's substitute as piano teacher,  accompanist for choirs and for soloists, and often a ・ringer・ in the band for some instrument in short supply (e.g. trumpet, flute, baritone, tuba, saxophone, trombone, French horn). Each year, her father's summer program presented an opportunity to study a new instrument. As a result, today Jean is an effective clarinet teacher for one of her grandchildren. Four daughters have studied piano with her [one becoming a professional cellist], and now in the third generation of a musical family four grandchildren study piano with Jean.  

At Willamette University, she became an organ student of Josef Schnelker, piano student of James Cook, and studied singing with Julio Viamonte. She has performed in Helmut Rilling's choir at the Bach Festival in Eugene. As organist and choir director, she has served Catholic, Presbyterian, and Episcopal congregations in Silverton and Coos Bay, Oregon, and in Hattiesburg,  Mississippi. She has served the Central Oregon Symphony as pianist, and with James Cook at the fortepiano, she performed as harpsichord soloist in the Haydn Festival's presentation of C.P.E. Bach's double concerto. In the Heiden Duo, Jean has appeared throughout the Northwest with her husband, violinist Charles Heiden, making a specialty of the duo sonatas by Mozart, and for organ and violin, a repertoire of baroque and modern works. During a sojourn in Mexico, Jean soloed with the state-supported Ensamble de Tlaxcala, performing the concerto for organ and strings by C.P.E. Bach, showcasing four of the colonial organs in Tlaxcala. String students of Charles Heiden have long been enriched by Jean's collateral instruction as an accompanist.

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The Heidens, Jean and Charles Jean at the keyboard of the 18th century, tracker action pipe organ. Pipework at La Magdelena. Bajonista (bassoonist) Angel playing a 16th century capped reed. Jean Heiden, gazing down the nave, from the choir loft of La Magdelena Charles and Jean Heiden with daugters Donna (violin) and Geralyn (cello)

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