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Articles on Approaches to Violin / Viola Pedagogy

Telemannís Canonic Sonata No. 3,
an Analytic Edition for Historically Informed Performance
by Two Violinists playing modern instruments.

Sample Page 20 Continued

Sample Page 25

Movement 3 in 12/8 meter is gigue-influenced. The sample page below shows added bowings characteristic of the baroque dance fiddler, editorial bowings that consummate Telemannís generic instrumental style (for flutes, violins, or gambas), turning the canonic sonata into exciting idiomatic writing specific for violins. Sample page 25:

To request your free pdf files for the 38-page edition-analysis, please send me an Email return address capable of receiving, as attachments to my message, the 5 files [301 KB, 448 KB, 874 KB, 840 KB, 1.41 MB]. See my address below.

Letís get acquainted! From this livable, beautiful, but musically isolated location, I am interested in maintaining contact with the broader community of teachers and performers. Some information about your situation would be very welcome.

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